Stop the STOP sign
on Shadowridge Drive & Live Oak Rd
(between Melrose & Sycamore)

All way STOP signs have been installed on Shadowridge drive and Live Oaks road in Vista. Shadowridge drive is used by over 13 100 cars a day while Live Oaks road only by 1300 cars. The STOP signs have been installed for two main reasons: To better facilitate left turns from Live Oaks Rd onto Shadowridge Drive and to reduce speeding on Shadowridge Drive. It is estimated, that only about 300 cars per day make that left turn from Live Oaks Rd onto Shadowridge Drive. For those 300 cars we are now stopping over 13 000 cars.The increased fuel cost for the additional stop is estimated to be over 5.3 cents per car or about $700 per day for all 13 100 cars that travel Shadowridge drive every day. This adds up to over $250 000 per year in additional fuel cost. Now add the lost time per stop estimated to be about 10 seconds. 10 seconds multiplied by the 13 100 cars per day adds up to 36.4 hours of lost time. Multiplied by the average wage of $20 per hour the economic damage is about $728 per day or $265 000 per year. Together the economic damage is over $515 000 per year. (calculations) This does not even consider the extra wear and tear on the vehicle. This Stop sign will also not improve safety. This intersection had zero accidents over the last 9 years. Studies have shown, that unwarranted Stop signs can actually increase the number of accidents. It will also not control speed on Shadowridge drive. Cars are back up to speed after about 100 yards. They may even go faster to make up the lost time at the Stop sign.

The STOP sign also did not meet the cities own standard for a STOP sign. It received only 5 out of 20 required points. (City Council Agenda Report Page 5 ) Please also see the City Council Agenda Report from 2008

Please Help to stop this madness by signing the  Online Petition against the Stop sign.

Update (11/17/2013) We have a very real chance to get those STOP signs removed. We went to the last two city council meetings and had a total of 4 different speakers. During the last council meeting (11/12/2013) two city council members (John Aguilera and Amanda Rigby) stated, that they want to bring the issue back.

Update (04/08/2014): We had two new speakers at this city counil meeting and the council voted to bring the stop sign back on the agenda. It will likely be on the agenda May 27 or June 10.

Update (04/19/2014): The Union Tribune Newspaper ran an article about the Stop Sign.

You can see the videos of the meetings here: Look under oral communications.
The next city council meeting will be Tuesday May 13 at 5:30 pm at City Hall . If you are planning to speak you need to fill out a Request To Speak form and turn it in at the city clerk before the meeting. If the issue is not on the agenda you need to select oral communications on the form. You can speak for up to three minutes. Please also check out my google plus page:

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Analysis from the city of Vista from 2008 and 2013
Calculations about wasted fuel and time: Excel

California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
Study about STOP signs
Study about the planned expansion of Highway 78.

You can also contact the city officials directly: 
Judy Ritter, Mayor;, (760) 726-1340 ext. 1436
Dave Cowles , Council member,, (760) 639-6130
John J. Aguilera, Deputy Mayor,, (760) 639-6130
Cody Campbell , Council member,,  (760) 639-6130
Amanda Rigby , Council member,  (760) 639-6130

Husam Hasenin: Traffic Engineer, Phone:(760) 726-1340 x 1383

Contact me:Thomas Schaenzler: